Maintenance Schedule

Did you know?

There are a lot of parts that make your vehicle run and they need tender love and care to ensure your car preforms the way it should.

Here are just a few of the maintenance procedures your vehicle should be having on a regular basis.

Maintenance Mileage/Time
Inspect lights & tire pressure Monthly
Oil & filter change 5000kms 10000kms
Under the hood inspection Every Oil change
Tire Rotation & Wheel Balancing 10,000km
Brake Inspection 10,000km
Replace air filter Inspect at every oil change
Replace cabin filter Inspect at every oil change
Transmission Flush Every 40,000kms
Cooling system flush Check every 36,000kms
Belt & hose replacement 100,000-160,000kms
Timing belt replacement 100,000-160,000kms
Air conditioning performance check Annually (Spring)